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chocolate chip oatmeal zucchini cookies

I didn’t mean for this to happen. I meant to make zucchini bread, though why it’s considered perfectly normal to put zucchini in bread but not in cookies is beyond me.  I’d actually already done the whole zucchini in cookies thing, with little success — those cookies turned out fluffy and cakey and sort of […]

zucchini & cherry tomato risotto

Let’s say, hypothetically, that nearly every stand at your local farmers market is teeming with perfectly formed, bright green little zucchini — any and all of which could be yours for a mere $1 a pound.  How much do you buy?   Right.  A lot more than what’s pictured above.  Because it seems silly to […]

moosewood’s cauliflower cheese pie

For nearly four months this blog has languished here, neglected and forlorn, half-heartedly attempting to entice passersby with embarrassingly out-of-season recipes for things like zucchini and raspberries and — good lord — rhubarb.  It’s not the blog’s fault, really. In September I started an awesome new job and, awesome though it is, it required some […]

Seasonal Recipes

Spring asparagus pesto tortellini asparagus, radish & mint salad with feta asparagus & white bean bread salad creamy scrambled eggs with chives deep-fried poached egg with creamed spinach lemon lavender cookies maple pecan bundt cake morel & asparagus pizza ramp & asparagus risotto rhubarb collins rhubarb, rosemary & gin cocktail rhubarb stir cake whitefish tacos with […]

butternut squash muffins

Last Sunday, after recommending cooking and gardening books at my favorite local independent bookstore’s holiday  soiree, I returned home to find a hungry Chris. The soiree had involved wine and books and food and, well, conversations about wine and books and food, so naturally I’d lost track of time.  I had not, however, lost track of the leftover muffins […]