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watermelon granita

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who own ice cream makers and those who do not.  And sadly, though my dream machine has been languishing in a virtual shopping cart all summer long, I have yet to determine how I might squeeze another uni-tasker into our tiny kitchen. I gaze longingly at tables overflowing with fruit and yearn for sorbet as I pass through the farmers market, but I remain squarely in the have-not category.

Which was all rather depressing until yesterday when I discovered the slushy goodness of granita. 

In a perfect homage to summer, Chris and I spent the day swimming and sunning ourselves at the beach, then passed the evening eating cold slices of watermelon and spitting seeds off our deck.  Even with all that eating and spitting we still had quite a large hunk of watermelon sitting on the cutting board, so I flipped to the watermelon page in Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything for inspiration. Bittman doesn’t exactly sing the praises of watermelon, but he does concede that it’s “not bad when made into Granita.”