A collection of seasonal recipes and stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a vegetarian?

I guess I’m really not. I am, however, vehemently opposed to factory farming so I was a vegetarian for quite a long time. Then I moved to Northern Michigan, where it’s possible to get humanely raised meat from a variety of small family farms. Plus, I live with a meat and potatoes guy who pretty much only likes his potatoes fried. That being said, most of the meals I prepare for us (and almost all of the meals I prepare for myself) are vegetarian, which is consequently true for most of the recipes featured on When Harry Met Salad. I do love fish and I’m rather fond of my local chicken farmer, so we eat chicken or fish a few times a month. Also sometimes I accidentally eat bacon.

Are you a professional photographer/writer/cook?

Technically, no. I’m a former high school Social Studies teacher by profession. I don’t have any formal training in photography or cooking or even really in writing, but I now work for a small artisanal fruit preserving company where I’m paid to photograph, write, and sometimes cook.

Can I license some of your images?

Maybe. If you’re a nice person working to get a small local foods business off the ground or a non-profit working to rid the world of GMOs or a farmer working on a CSA brochure, probably. If you’re a representative of some corporate behemoth whose mission runs totally contrary to mine, probably not.

Can I advertise on When Harry Met Salad?

No. Although this blog exists in a public space, I think of it as an extension of myself and my home, and therefore not an appropriate space for advertisements.

Would you like to exchange links?

I link to related sites that I visit regularly, but I bet there are some great blogs out there that I’m not yet aware of. I love discovering beautiful new blogs, so feel free to bring yours to my attention. If it finds its way into my Google reader, I’ll be happy to share a link.

How can I get in touch with you?

Send an email to: whenharrymetsalad [at] gmail [dot] com

One response

  1. This is an amazing blog – simple and colourful recipes. The photography is also exceptional.

    June 11, 2011 at 7:47 am

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